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If you are interested in a portrait, or would like more information, please feel free to contact me.

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I am located in Hudson, FL near the Pelican Marina. If you live nearby you are welcome to speak with me in person and come and see other paintings and drawings I have done and that are for sale in my home.

Thank you for looking!

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Pricing Information:

Pricing is dependent on what you want and based on the cost of materials, time involved, and the amount of subject matter. These are only general guidelines for pricing and will vary depending on the project's complexity.

Needle Felting:

Mini-felty (appx 2.5" tall): $20-50

Standard Felty (appx 5-6" tall): $100-150

Large felty (appx 8" tall): $175-250


Here are my general guidelines based on one pet per painting:

5" X 5" stretched canvas: $45

5" X 7" stretched canvas: $55

8" X 8" stretched canvas: $60

12" X 12" stretched canvas: $100

11" X 14" stretched canvas: $130

11" X 14" canvas panel: $100

20" X 20" stretched canvas: $250

On paintings 11" X 14" or larger I can do a second pet, each additional pet is $30-60 extra depending on the size of the painting.

Larger than 20" X 20" on stretched canvas will be $200 or higher, feel free to inquire about large paintings, I LOVE doing big paintings!

I have a variety of stretched canvas sizes and styles available. Feel free to inquire about a specific size or style of canvas you want! Stretched canvas will be more expensive than a flat piece of canvas or canvas panel, and will also cost more to ship, unfortunately. Inquire about "Float Canvas," it's my new favourite, the wood panes angle inwards and makes a really neat effect!

If you are interested in commissioning a painting or drawing, but are concerned about cost, here are the types of artwork from least to most expensive:

Digital art

Pencil Drawing

Canvas Paper or Panel

Stretched Canvas (a shallow canvas is less expensive than a deeper canvas)

Float-style Stretched Canvas